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Google Doodles

A Google Doodle is "a special, temporary alteration of the logo on Google's homepages that commemorates holidays, events, achievements, and people."[1]

On September 21, 2018, Google's Doodle for the day featured a celebration of Mister Rogers. The Doodle was in recognition of the 51st anniversary of the filming of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood's first episode (national run). Clicking the Doodle, users were linked to the video below:






Google went on to share a detailed description of the story behind the "Celebrating Mister Rogers" Doodle including original sketches and images of the characters used in the animation.

[Images courtesy of Google]

For more behind-the-scenes details, visit the Google Doodles site or view the video below.



Directors: Melissa Crowton, Olivia Huynh
Executive Producer: My-Linh Le
Marketing, partnerships, & licensing: Perla Campos, Madeline Belliveau, Carlos Diaz
Art Support: Lydia Nichols
Doodle team leads: Jessica Yu, Brian Kaas


Director: Drew Hodges
Executive Producers: Kelli Bixler, Drew Hodges
Production: Producer Matthew Cuny, Producer Jodi Downs, Director Drew Hodges, HR Andi Copley, Accountant Sarah Morse, PA Shawn Mullarkey
Camera: Director of Photography Jeff Gardner, Motion Control Operator Ian Barrett, Lead Lighting & Camera Tech Charles Corbin, Gaffer Anthony Doublin
Art Department: Production Designer Nancy Parczyk, Art Director Jeff Bartlett White, Model Maker Ben Record, Model Maker Nellie Veitenheimer, Model Maker Fernando Rosendo, Painter Melody Palisoc, Painter Abigail Beasley, Asst. Painter / Model Maker Maria Salehi, Intern Lizzy Hogenson
Puppets: Lead Puppet Fabricator Becky Van Cleve, Sculptor Hiroe Goto, Puppet Fabricator Yizhou Li, Puppet Fabricator Cami Kwan, Puppet Fabricator Zoe Serbin, Puppet Painter Robyn Yannoukos
Costumes: Costume Designer Robyn Simms-Johnson
Animation: Animator Yizhou Li, Animator Jen Prokopowicz
Editorial: Editor Shea Formaneck
Post Production: VFX Supervisor Amanda Goad, VFX Artist Nick Oberlander, Sound Designer John Jackson, Audio Gadgets, Post House Kappa Studios, Finishing Artist Donald Freeman C.S.I.


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