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Full House

On the episode "Seven Month Itch (Part 2)" from Full House's first season (1988), Jesse is overwhelmed by his new responsibilities and goes on a ski trip with his friends. When the kids call to tell him that Michelle is sick, Jesse is torn between his family and his friends.

Jesse: "Then I get this call. Michelle is sick. Bam! Just like that, I come running back right in to Mister Rogers' Neighborhood."

Early in the first season on the episode titled "Matchmaker Michelle" (1991), Danny and Rebecca attend Jesse's performance intended to impress an interested record label. While most patrons at the club are wearing black leather, Danny arrives in a cardigan.

Rebecca: "Wow, Danny! You really fit in! That Mister Rogers sweater didn't give you away at all."

Later, on "Happy Birthday, Babies" from the fifth season (1991), Michelle is anxiously awaiting her fifth birthday party.

Michelle: "Is it time for my party yet?"

Rebecca: "No. You still have two hours and twenty nine minutes to go."

Michelle: "How long is that?"

Jesse: "Two Sesame Streets and a Mister Rogers."

In the show's eighth season, the episode "Breaking Away" (1994) features a story where Jesse is having a hard time letting Nicky and Alex go to pre-school and suggests that he'll teach them what they need to know himself.

Jesse: "I'm gonna teach the kids everything they need to learn, right here in this house."

Rebecca: "Jess, you are not exactly Mister Rogers."

Again in the eighth season, Rebecca is frustrated with Jesse's lack of romance in the episode "Dateless in San Francisco" (1995).

Rebecca: "I can't believe you've lost every bit of romance. I mean, you've gone from Mister Excitement to Mister Rogers."

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