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Fredosaurus Rex Friday XIII

In 2003, the Carnegie Museum of Natural History presented DinoMite Days -- a celebration of its collection of dinosaur artifacts and exhibits as well as the creativity of many local Pittsburgh artists. Approximately 100 uniquely designed DinoMite Days dinosaur creations were displayed throughout the city and were eventually auctioned or sold to raise funds for the museum's Dinosaur Hall and other charities.[1]

Among this herd of one-of-a-kind dinosaur creations was Fredosaurus Rex Friday XIII -- a Tyrannosaurus rex designed by artist Karen Howell.[2] This eight-foot-tall statue is clad in a red sweater and holds King Friday XIII and Henrietta Pussycat in its hands -- clearly paying tribute to Fred Rogers and his character creations. The Neighborhood Trolley can also be found on the tail of Fredosaurus Rex Friday XIII.


For several years, Fredosaurus Rex Friday XIII could be found outside the WQED building in Pittsburgh's Oakland neighborhood -- also the long-time home of the Fred Rogers Company. In June 2013, the Fred Rogers Company relocated its offices to the city's south side and Fredosaurus Rex Friday XIII was removed. The statue was unveiled on May 2, 2014 at the new location of the Fred Rogers Company offices -- 2100 Wharton Street in Pittsburgh.[3]


Another DinoMite Days creation paid tribute to Fred Roges -- Neighborsaurus 143 which was created by the art crew of Family Communications Inc.

A seven-inch ceramic replica of Fredosaurus Rex Friday XIII was made available for purchase.


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