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Many Ways To Say I Love You (Software)

Date: 1985
Manufacturer: CBS Software
ISBN: 0038504405

[Commodore 64 Version]

[Apple II Version]

Program ©1985 Family Communications, Inc.
©1985 CBS Software, A Unit of CBS Publishing Group, CBS Inc.


Happy times. Sad times. Thank you times. I am sorry times. These are just some of the times when people find ways to say "I Love You." Now, with the aid of this creative design activity, Mister Rogers provides children and adults with new opportunities to express themselves to the people they care about.

MANY WAYS TO SAY I LOVE YOU presents a playful setting in which children and their families create their own electronic greeting cards. It includes a selection of backgrounds and borders, dozens of "stickers" to choose from, including characters from the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, and colorful electronic crayons for creating original designs. You can personalize your card with word messages and add Mister Rogers' Neighborhood songs and other favorite childhood tunes. When you're finished, along comes the Neighborhood Trolley to prepare your card for an animated on-screen delivery!


Open-Ended Computer Environment
Children can create at their own pace, while exploring new avenues of creativity.

Picture-Driven Activity Menus
Menus are simple pictures. Just a few keys are used to move throughout the program and make selections.

Two Levels of Complexity
Differences in age, style and ability are easily accommodated.

Animated Graphics
Each special "sticker" has its own characteristic way of moving.

Text Options
Word messages like "You're Special," "I Need a Hug," "Goodnight" or "I'm Sorry" can be used. And typed messages can be added.

Storage Capacity
Greetings can be saved on the program disk to see again, to modify or to show at a later time.

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A Note From Fred Rogers

Dear Friends,

Hello times, goodbye times, thank you times, "I am sorry" times, mealtimes, bedtimes, playing times, cleaning times -- so many times children and their family, friends, and caring adults communicate "I love you" to each other. What could be more important than finding our own ways to express love to the people who are close to us!

That is why we decided to develop this software package around the theme of our song, "There Are Many Ways to Say I Love You." We wanted to provide a tool for a child or adult to make and receive messages of care for each other. I like to think of this as an electronic greeting card.

Our new friends at CBS Software and Looking Glass Software have worked with us to offer a variety of meaningful and appealing symbols of love that can be used by young children and people of all ages.

We at Family Communications, Inc. hope you will find "Many Ways to Say I Love You" a helpful way to express the many feelings that adults and children have for each other. As far as we're concerned, that is the way technology can serve us best!

Program Guide / Instruction Manual

An 18-page instruction manual is included with this software. Click the image below for details.


Included in the packaging is an advertisment for a "Special Mister Rogers Record & Tape Offer."


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