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Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Game

Date: 2019
Manufacturer: Pyramid America
UPC: 079346002344
Product: FN1-041019
Purchase: Amazon

® The McFeely-Rogers Foundation
© Buffalo Games, LLC / Jolly Thinkers


Be the first to build your own neighborhood of Mister Rogers' characters by collecting matching cards in 3-of-a-kind sets.

On your turn, draw cards blindly from other players' hands to build your neighborhood. Don't forget to thank your neighbors!

You may draw as many times as you want but be cautious. Every player has a Red Light card that will stop your turn before you get to add any characters to your neighborhood.

Taking some risk will help you get to your goal faster. Maybe you'll be lucky enough to come across Daniel Striped Tiger, King Friday XIII, or Trolley to help you along the way!


Initially available at Target stores and online through

Included with the game is a note of gratitude from Fred Rogers.

Inside the box, below all of the game contents, are the words "Won't you be my neighbor?"

Illustrations on the playing cards were done by Jerrod Maruyama.

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