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Papersalt was founded in 2012, and is a division of Revolution, a Seattle design and printing company. Papersalt creates gifts to inspire, educate, and empower kids and families. Products are made to engage through simple, concise, real-world content. All items are designed, manufactured, and fulfilled in the company’s Seattle facility.

Papersalt, maker of inspirational books and educational gifts, has teamed up with Fred Rogers Productions to release a collection of gift items inspired by the works of Fred Rogers. The line includes more than 30 products including quote books and greeting cards, and launched at retail stores across the country in January 2019.

Fred Rogers' pioneering public television series fostered the curiosity of young viewers with warmth, sensitivity, and wisdom. These qualities, which are closely aligned with Papersalt’s own mission to build content around families, are what inspired the Mister Rogers line.

From Bridgett MacAfee at Papersalt: “With the 50th anniversary of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, Fred Rogers is seeing a resurgence in popularity. His simple, heartfelt lessons continue to resonate today with fans of all ages, and his messages are as timely as ever.”

[Text adapted from Papersalt press release]

Papersalt Merchandise

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