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Mama Travels For Work (Book)

Date: 2019
Written By: Jill Cozza-Turner
Publisher: Simon Spotlight
ISBN: 9781534441767
Purchase: Amazon (Paperback) | Amazon Kindle


Based on the screenplay "Jodi's Mama Travels For Work" written by Leah Gotcsik
Poses and layouts by Jason Fruchter
© 2019 The Fred Rogers Company


Daniel Tiger's neighbor, Jodi Platypus, is sad. Jodi's mama has to travel for work, but Jodi wants her to stay home so they can be together. Then Jodi learns that grown-ups come back, and she feels a little better!


This book is based on the storyline from Episode 411a.

An adapted version of this book is featured in the treasury More Daniel Tiger 5-Minute Stories.

In this story, Jody and her brothers take one link off a paper chain to count down each day their mother is gone. They call these links "love-you-loops" and this book includes a set of love-you-loops to be removed and used by young readers.

Appearing In This Book

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