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Let's Learn In My Neighborhood (Book)

Date: 2019
Written By: "Scarlett Wing"[1]
Publisher: Cottage Door Press
ISBN: 9781680523294
Purchase: Amazon (Board Book)


© 2019 The Fred Rogers Company


Explore Daniel Tiger's neighborhood in this Think & Find book. You'll visit the library, the post office, the crayon factory, and more. In each scene, a pull tab reveals items to find in the artwork—and matching is an early math skill! There are so many grr-ifc things to discover with Daniel and his friends. Children will learn about shapes, colors, counting and more! Perfect for all Daniel Tiger fans! [Amazon]


  1. According to the publisher: "We use a name like this when Cottage Door Press works together on a story. We choose a name that stands for 'red bird,' which is our cheerful little mascot."

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