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Daniel Tiger's Grr-ific Feelings App

Date: 2014
Publisher: PBS Kids / Fred Rogers Company
Device/Platform: Tablet
Purchase: Amazon


Daniel Tiger's Grr-ific Feelings provides users the opportunity to explore a variety of feeling and emotions through creative and artistic means such as drawing, singing, and pretending..

Daniel's Drawing Eisel

Daniel's Drawing Eisel allows users to draw, place "stickers" of various objects and characters, and take pictures to add to the page. When finished, the image is saved and can be accessed by touching the pictures hanging on the line behind Daniel.


Daniel Tiger's Singalong

Daniel Tiger's Singalong offers 18 familiar songs to listen to and sing along with. As the songs play, a short animation plays from the episode of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood which it appeared.


The Feelings Photo Booth

The Feelings Photo Booth features Daniel Tiger in the left frame demonstrating various feelings and emotions. With the devices camera activated, users can take their own picture to appear in the right frame. Final side-by-side images are saved.


The Trolley Game

The Trolley Game is an interactive board game where users spin the spinner and move to the designated space marked by a shape. Once there, they must correctly answer a question before moving forward. For example, four images of O the Owl are shown and users must select the image where he is happy. Additionally, the Trolley does not move automatically -- the user must drag the Trolley along the track to each space.



For Parents

This section is accessible by entering a numerical code. Once inside the "For Parents" section, there are detailed descriptions of each section of the app as well as an area labeled "Feelings Mini-Games." In this area are 28 smaller games such as using a sponge to wipe up spilled juice (Sorry) and helping Daniel find his lost Tigey in his room (Frustrated).




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