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A New Friend at School

Episode: 405a
Air Date: September 20, 2018
Previous Episode: 404b - Daniel Plays at Jodi's House
Next Episode: 405b - A New Friend at the Playground
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Daniel is making a racecar at school using a variety of craft supplies. When he asks Prince Wednesday to race cars with him, Daniel finds that Wednesday is already playing with Jodi. Disappointed, Daniel is reminded by Teacher Harriet: "Even when friends play with someone new, they will still be friends with you."

Playing by himself, Daniel make-believes that he is driving on a road to all kinds of fun places.

Prince Wednesday and Jodi join Daniel for a race before Jodi invites Daniel to play moving truck with her. O the Owl wants to show Daniel a book about trains and is saddened when Daniel is unavailable. Daniel reminds O that they are still friends and invites him to play moving truck with he and Jodi.


  • "Even when friends play with someone new, they will still be friends with you."


Appearing In This Episode

Post-Episode Short

The live action segment following this episode includes new friends playing together.



This episode is featured on the DVD Won't You Be Our Neighbor?.



Episode Credits

Written by Michael Rabb
Created by Angela C. Santomero
Based on the work of Fred Rogers

2018 The Fred Rogers Company

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