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King Daniel For the Day

Episode: 316
Air Date: September 4, 2017
Previous Episode: 315b - Sometimes It's Good To Go Slow
Next Episode: 317a - Firefighters at School
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Daniel Tiger and his family are looking at a book about kings and castles. When Daniel asks King Friday what it's like to be king, King Friday declares him King Daniel for the day. Daniel is given a list of tasks to complete as king. The most important thing about being king, according to King Friday, is to be kind.

On the way to complete his kingly tasks, Daniel make-believes that he's playing with all of the different kings and queens in nature.

Seeing that Prince Tuesday has hurt his ankle playing baseball, King Daniel chooses to be kind by going to get Doctor Anna. It gives Daniel a good feeling to have stopped to help his friend.

At the bakery, King Daniel helps Baker Aker package a box of itsy-bitsy rolls to be picked up by Mr. McFeely. Daniel chooses a banana bread muffin as a delicious treat to take to the castle. Outside the bakery, O the Owl drops his ice cream cone on the ground. Showing kindness to his friend, Daniel gives the banana muffin to O.

Moving on to the music shop, King Daniel looks for the loudest instrument he can find. Aftering trying several instruments, he chooses a pair of cymbals. Leaving the music shop, Daniel sees Miss Elaina drop her stuffie Astrid in a puddle. Showing kindness, King Daniel cheers her up by letting her play the cymbals.

Daniel goes to the castle but worries that he is not brining either of the items King Friday requested -- a sweet treat and a loud instrument. King Friday is proud of King Daniel because of the many ways he showed kindness to his neighbors.


  • "You can choose to be kind."


Appearing In This Episode

Live Action Segment

The live action segment following this episode includes several children showing kindness in their own neighborhood.



The storyline from this episode is featured in the books Daniel Chooses To Be Kind and King Daniel the Kind.



Episode Credits

Written by Angela C. Santomero & Becky Friedman
Created by Angela C. Santomero
Based on the work of Fred Rogers

2017 The Fred Rogers Company

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