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Growing the Ungrowdenia

Episode: 108a
Air Date: May 12, 2021
Previous Episode: 107b - A Lot of Hot!
Next Episode: 108b - Camp Buddy Buddy
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Donkey Hodie is planting and watering flowers in her garden while Bob Dog plays catch with himself -- a game he calls me-to-me fetch. With all of the flowers in full bloom, Purple Panda arrives just in time to watch Donkey plant an ungrowdenia seed. The ungrowdenia can grow and then ungrow back into a seed.

Purple Panda has brought his mother's tulip plant to add to the garden and they plant next to the magical ungrowdenia seed. The ungrowdenia sprouts a flower quickly and grows larger every time Donkey waters it more. While she is away filling her watering can, the ungrowdenia has grown quite large and Donkey continues adding water. It is not long before the ungrowdenia has grown to a massive size.

With the flower so large and close to Clyde the Cloud, Clyde finds that he the ungrowdenia makes him sneeze. Additionally, the flower is so large that Bob Dog's me-to-me fetch ball gets stuck in the leaves. With the ungrowdenia so large that it blocks the sun, Donkey and Panda find that the other flowers -- including Mama Panda's tulip -- are suffering.

Climbing the giant flower, Donkey covers it with a blanket to block the sunlight. This causes the ungrowdenia to ungrow back to a seed and returning life to the rest of the garden. Donkey regrows the ungrowdenia to a more reasonable size.


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Created by Adam Rudman & David Rudman
Developed by Ellen Doherty
Inspired by the work of Fred Rogers

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