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The Masked Veggies

Episode: 105a
Air Date: May 6, 2021
Previous Episode: 104b - Planet Purple Party
Next Episode: 105b - The Royal Hosts
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Purple Panda is excited for Gameshow Gator's newest gameshow -- Masked Veggies -- a game where players guess the names of disguised vegetables. Today, Masked Veggies is being played in Someplace Else and the first contestant is Purple Panda! Afraid that he might do something silly, Panda is nervous about playing the game but Donkey Hodie encourages him try.

With the game underway, Panda is having stagefright and Donkey has to intervene once again. She explains that she feels nervous when she plays soccer but finds encouragement by looking for someone who is supporting her. By finding Donkey when he feels nervous, Purple Panda is able to play the game. He feels even better when Bob Dog and Duck Duck add to the encouragement.

Panda is blindfolded for the final round and has to be reminded by his friends that even when he can't see them, he can know that they are still there supporting him.


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Episode Credits

Created by Adam Rudman & David Rudman
Developed by Ellen Doherty
Inspired by the work of Fred Rogers

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