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Super Duper Sleepover

Episode: 103a
Air Date: May 4, 2021
Previous Episode: 102b - Pickle Penguin Problem
Next Episode: 103b - Mountain Climb Time
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Donkey Hodie visits Purple Panda for a sleepover. After playing with their toys -- Super Porcupine and the Amazing Radish -- Donkey and Panda decide it's time for bed. With the lights turned off, Donkey Hodie and Purple Panda are startled when they see a monster on the floor.

Realizing that they need to sleep, Donkey and Panda attempt to scare away the monster and enlist the help of their dragon friend, Stanley. With the lights turned back off, even Stanley is scared away by the monster.

Purple Panda takes out his "scary thing catcher" which he has been saving for a moment just like this. With the scary thing catcher engaged, they only succeed in dropping a cage on themselves.

Donkey and Panda have no luck when they attempt to sleep with the light on.

Seeing a "giraffe" across the dark room, Purple Panda gets out of bed to welcome her to his room. He finds that what he thought to be a girafee is actually a toy box and coat rack. Donkey Hodie realizes that things look different in the dark but do not actually change when the lights go out. It turns out the "monster" is only a pile of stuffed animals.


Appearing In This Episode


Purple Panda uses a Clapper to turn the lights in his room on and off.



Episode Credits

Created by Adam Rudman & David Rudman
Developed by Ellen Doherty
Inspired by the work of Fred Rogers

© 2021 The Fred Rogers Company

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