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This is Pittsburgh

Date: 1963
Author: Josie Carey and Marty Wolfson
Publisher: Pickwick-Morcraft


A post once found on the Pittsburgh Radio & TV blog shared a detailed description of This is Pittsburgh:

This is Pittsburgh is an 80-page, large-format, softcover book that was published by Pickwick-Morcraft Inc., a now-defunct printing company on Baum Boulevard, at the behest of the Regional Industrial Development Corp. 

Partly an illustrated encyclopedia of the region and partly an advertisement for relocating to Pittsburgh, the book's subtitle ("We Live Here ... We Like It!") hints that its aim was to dispel the 1950s "Smoky City" stereotype that plagues southwestern Pennsylvania to this day. 

The book credits Carey with the text and Wolfson with the illustrations.
One page of This is Pittsburgh includes some very familiar faces.


The full title of this 80-page book is This is Pittsburgh and Southwestern Pennsylvania: We Live Here...We Like It!

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