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Sunday on the Children's Corner

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Josie opens the show by singing Sing a Song of Sunday in her kitchen and after thinking seventeen-and-a-half nice thoughts, finds herself outside Daniel Striped Tiger's clock. Daniel and Josie sing I Think I'm Going To Like Today. When Daniel mentions that he had been thinking about Josie in Sunday school, they sing Thank You For Today.

Daniel shares that the Children's Corner Art Players are presenting a garden musical play and his job is to cheer up the actors with compliments. He and Josie sing Then Your Heart is Full of Love. The performance will be "The Elf, The Shoemaker, and the Shoemaker's Wife" and Josie is asked to fill the part of the wife because one of Henrietta's mice is sick. Showing her excitment, Josie sings Today is a Special Day.

Daniel encourages Josie to find herself a song if she feels uneasy about the performance. Josie sings Once Upon Each Lovely Day.

At the tower, Grandpere teaches Josie a song in French about the months of the year. She suggests that Granpere reminds her of a lamb -- a very "soft thing -- and sings a song about a little lamb.

Henrietta Pussycat teaches Josie the part she is to perform in the upcoming play before she listens to X the Owl practice his song.

Meanwhile, at the castle, Daniel Striped Tiger is encouraging King Friday XIII who is having doubts about performing the role of the shoemaker. He wants to be sure the audience is aware that they are hearing a "royal interpretation of a pedestrian dialogue." King Friday knows his song so well that he is able to sing it backwards.

X the Owl shares with Josie that he asked his Sunday school teacher how everything came to be in the world and his teacher read him parts of the Bible -- "It's all right there at the beginning." X and Josie sing the Creation Duet.

With final preparations complete, the actors come together and the play begins. Following the play, Daniel and Josie conclude by singing Goodnight God.


According to Daniel, other plays previously performed include "Goldilocks and the Four Bears," and "Drowsing Beauty."

"The Elf, the Shoemaker, and the Shoemaker's Wife" was later performed by the Brown's Marionette Theater on Episode 1350 of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. This story was also made into a Neighborhood book with the same title.

"The Lamb" was orginally a poem written by William Blake.

During the play, King Friday declares that he (the shoemaker) and his wife are so poor, they don't even have names. He and Josie decide their names will be Sam and Ellie.

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Episode Credits

With Josie Carey and Fred Rogers
Pianist: Johnny Costa
Directed by Sam Silberman
Produced by Fred Rogers

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