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The Children's Corner: Episode 4114

Broadcast Date: Undetermined

Josie calls to make an appointment with King Friday XIII by dialing the number for Calendarland: 1-3. She mistakenly dials the wrong number and is connected to Walker's Delicatessen.

Daniel Striped Tiger is having a charades party today and he tries out one of his charades on Josie. With Daniel hiding just inside his door with one of his ears barely showing, Josie makes some guesses including "listening at the keyhole" and "ear today, gone tomorrow." Daniel reveals that he was trying to get Josie to guess "an earful." Josie takes a turn and acts out what is clearly a clock striking twelve o'clock. Nonetheless, Daniel's guess is "You're in the navy and you're eating spaghetti."

Daniel and Josie place a phone call to Grandpere who has just returned from Paris. His telephone number has changed from 2-4 to G-P. Dialing the phone, they are connected again with Walker's Delicatessen. Daniel suggests ordering a medium grind hamburger with saurkraut and dill pickles. Eventually, they are able to connect with Grandpere and confirm that he has indeed returned from Paris.

At the Eiffel Tower, Josie and Grandpere sing a song together -- You and I Together (Vous et Moi Ensemble).

In the attic, a jubillee planning committee meeting is underway. While some are in favor of a lively community sing, others prefer to keep the jubillee calm. Foo Foo Fish suggests putting everyone's preferences together and creating a musical performance. After further discussion, it is decided that they will plan a performance of The Wizard of Oz and the meeting is adjourned.

Josie makes a call to King Friday as he is is giving next week a pep talk. According to King Friday, next week has been a "difficult oneKF says next week has been a "difficult one" since her birth. King Friday provides a glimpse at what happens when a week ends: "When she's finished, off she goes to the old week home in Latrobe." At Josie's request, King Friday sings Three Rodents with Defective Eyesight.

Concluding for the day, Josie sings Goodnight God.



Appearing In This Episode

In order of appearance



  • Oak Tree [seen but not visited]
  • Schoolhouse [seen but not visited]
  • Cuckoo Clock
  • Eifel Tower
  • Attic (Small World)
  • Castle / Calendarland


Memorable Quotes

  • King Friday XIII: "I've had trouble with [next week] since her birth ... When she's finished, off she goes to the old week home in Latrobe."


Episode Credits

With Josie Carey
Produced by Fred Rogers
Directed by Carl Freeborn

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A presentation of the Educational Television and Radio Center
National Education Television

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