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The Children's Corner: Episode 4105

Broadcast Date: Undetermined

Daniel Striped Tiger welcomes viewers to "Sunday on the Corner" and shares his excitment that there are "only three more days until Thanksgiving." He asks Josie to hold his "big family size Bible" as he works to memorize the 23rd Psalm. Josie explains that memorizing is easiest when you truly understand what you are trying to remember.

With very little help, Daniel recites the entirety of Psalm 23. Josie explains that the scripture reveals great confidence in God. Daniel goes on to share that he has learned that the "Valley of the Shadow" is a real place in Palestine -- a place a person would not want to go.

After Daniel and Josie compare their trust in God to the trust a lamb might have for a shepherd. Josie sings The Lamb -- a musical version of the William Blake poem by the same name. She talks about Biblical terminology being different than our usual words and the importance of asking questions in order to better understand things.

Josie moves on to the Tower where Grandpere shares some new words in French before singing Les Oiseaux -- a song about birds. After this song, Josie sings a song of her own -- Les Jours De La Semaine -- and practices saying the names of each day in French. Together, Josie and Grandpere sing La Nuit.

On her way to the castle, Josie sings Looking For a Friend. Upon her arrival, King Friday XIII sings A Cheer, A Cheer -- his kingly version of Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here. King Friday mentions that his friend, Mr. Cosenza, is practicing the piano inside the castle and invites Josie to listen as he plays some Thanksgiving music. As he plays, Josie and King Friday draw Thanksgiving pictures inspired the music.

Back at the clock, Josie and Daniel sing their blessings through a brief song/prayer of thanksgiving. Josie explains that Thanksgiving is an American holiday and Americans should be thankful to live in a free country. Daniel ends with a reminder that the "greatest Thanksgiving of all" is that "God has been good to us."



Appearing In This Episode

In order of appearance



  • Cuckoo Clock
  • Eiffel Tower
  • Castle
  • Schoolhouse [seen but not visited]
  • Oak Tree [seen but not visited]



  • Daniel shows Josie that the easiest way to find the Psalms in a Bible is to simply open it to the middle.
  • Mr. Cosenza is never actually seen on camera.
  • Among the Thanksgiving music played is America the Beautiful.
  • With their drawings finished, King Friday immediately wants to see what Josie has drawn and declares, "Mine is beautiful. How is yours?"
  • Josie's artwork includes a turkey outside a church along with a man on his knees and praying. King Friday's drawing is a "montage" -- modern work with "plenty of feeling." No further explanation is given.

Episode Credits

"Sunday on the Corner"
With Josie Carey, Fred Rogers, Johnny Costa
Directed by Tom Seger

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