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The Children's Corner: Episode 4103

Broadcast Date: Undetermined

Josie greets viewers with the Why Hi Song before she is called to the clock where Daniel Striped Tigers surprises her by placing an ice cube in her hand. His new refrigerator is making ice very quickly and he isn't sure where to put the extra ice. Since Josie's hands are wet, Daniel gives her a towel to dry them off. Josie reveals that Emilie Jacobson, the Poetry Lady, will be visiting the Children's Corner today.

Moving on to the Eiffel Tower, Josie spends time talking with Grandpere before they a sing Les Jours De La Semaine, a song about the days of the week -- in French, of course. Grandpere's machine produces a printed list of the days of the weeks in French so viewers can see what the words look like.

Josie visits King Friday XIII and floods him with compliments as she prepares him for the arrival of the Poetry Lady. After King Friday puts himself in a "meeting of the friends mood," he welcomes Ms. Jacobson to his castle. He attemptes to impress her with a recitation of "Scintillate Scintillate Diminutive Stellar Orb" (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star).

Josie returns to the clock where Daniel is happy to see Ms. Jacobson who recites "Be the Best of Whatever You Are" by Douglas Malloch.

Concluding for the day, Josie sings Goodnight God.



Appearing In This Episode

In order of appearance



  • Emilie Jacboson


  • Josie's counter
  • Cuckoo Clock
  • Schoolhouse [seen but not visited]
  • Oak Tree [seen but not visited]
  • Eiffel Tower
  • Castle (Calendarland)



  • As usual, Josie, Daniel, and the rest of the puppets are wearing Tame Tiger buttons.

Episode Credits

The Children's Corner
Created by Josie Carey and Fred Rogers
Produced by Fred Rogers
Directed by Carl Freeborn
Technical Supervison: Larry Flavin

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