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The Children's Corner: Episode 4095

Broadcast Date: Undetermined

After welcoming viewers to the Children’s Corner, Josie is called to Daniel’s clock where Daniel Striped Tiger has a small mirror. He wonders why his reflection is bigger on side than it is on the other. Josie suggests that one side must be magnified before looking in the mirror herself.

When Josie mentions that a guest – juggler, Stu Reynolds – will be visiting the Children’s Corner today, Daniel reveals that he has been practicing as a single Indian club juggler. He offers to demonstrate his juggling when Mr. Reynolds arrives.

Moving on to the oak tree, Josie joins X-Scape the Owl as he sings One to a Dozen. She also has a gift for Henrietta Pussycat – an evening gown that X thinks would be perfect for Henrietta to wear to a dance at the club house that evening. X would like Henrietta to join him at the dance but is afraid to ask her. With encouragement from Josie, X musters the courage to invite Henrietta to the dance – an invitation she gladly accepts.

Stu Reynolds is invited by Josie to perform an extensive set of juggling tricks.

Daniel emerges from his clock with a single Indian club which he uses to perform his best trick – the complete circle of the Indian club – which requires him to rotate the single club over his head and in a full circle. After a few attempts, Daniel asks for complete silence and is able to successfully complete the trick.

In Calendarland, King Friday XIII has been working on next week together. He had trouble with Next Tuesday as she wanted to be in Wednesday’s position, but he was able to talk her out of it. At King Friday’s request, Josie concludes by singing Goodnight God.



Appearing In This Episode

In order of appearance



  • Stu Reynolds


  • Josie’s counter
  • Cuckoo Clock
  • Oak Tree
  • Schoolhouse
  • Calendarland



  • As usual, Daniel, Josie, and X all appear to be wearing Tame Tiger Torganization pins.
  • Before X-scape sings, he warms up by singing “me me me”. After a few warm-ups he concludes “I think I’m warm now.”
  • The dress Josie gives Henrietta is a blue and silver evening gown.
  • As he considers asking Henrietta to the dance, X is quite “afeared.”
  • Josie gives X several pats “for courage.”
  • Josie tells Henrietta not to cry as X hesitates to invite her to the dance because if the dress gets wet it might “shrink or something.”
  • X concludes that he was “the bravest owl that ever asked a pussycat to a dance.”
  • X says he plans to dance the two-step to avoid trampling Henrietta’s dress
  • Stu Reynolds wears a medal on his jacket. In contrast with principles of self-worth later espoused in Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, in this episode Mr. Renolyds disappointedly tucks his medal into his pocket whenever he drops a ball or club while juggling, proudly returning it to its place outside the pocket when he successfully completes a different juggling trick.
  • Henrietta speaks exclusively in “meows” in this episode (no additional words)
  • After Daniel’s trick, the club is too big to fit through the puppet hole in the set, so Stu agrees to “bring it around the back door” for him.
  • Josie places a phone call to King Friday by dialing “1-3.”
  • Daniel says that Goodnight God is one of his very favorite songs.

Episode Credits

The Childrens Corner [sic]
With Josie Carey
Produced by Fred Rogers
Directed by Carl Freeborn
Technical Supervision: Larry Flavin

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National Education Television

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