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The Children's Corner

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Josie opens the show with the Why Hi Song before declaring that today is not a talking day, but a doing day. She and Daniel Striped Tiger practice clapping to a rhythm but Josie wants to do something constructive with her energy but they accomplish little more than discussing the ettiquite of scratching one's nose.

X the Owl and Josie practice the alphabet but X pronouces the letters in silly ways. Josie encourages him to enunciate as he recites the alphabet as Henrietta Pussycat and receives a new dress from Josie. X and Josie continue with a humorous and slightly confusing conversation about letters and grammar.

In the attic, Rhoda Dendron and Phil O. Dendron are concerned there is no school for Baby Dendron to attend. Rhoda feels that Gramma Phone should be working with the Attic Cultural Movement Society to establish such a school. An emergency meeting is called.

Back with Josie, she and Grandpere talk about Paris and compare its size to some cities in the United States. Grandpere mentions several landmarks in Paris and talks about the various seasons in France.

Josie concludes with the So Long Song.


This episode features one of the more commonly seen clips from the Children's Corner when Josie suggests that she wants to do something constructive "like build[ing] a house."

Daniel instructs Josie to hold our her hands, tip her head back and whistle. When she does so and Daniel tells her that she is a teapot, the studio crew can be heard laughing in the background.

Details of two names are confirmed in this episode: Rhoda Dandron's middle name is Emogene and Bill Bookworm's full first name (as expected) is William.

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Episode Credits

Created by Josie Carey and Fred Rogers
Technical Supervison: Larry Flavin
Directed by James Miller
Produced by Fred Rogers

From WQED -- First in community television

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