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You Are Special: Words of Wisdom From America's Most Beloved Neighbor


WRITTEN BY: Fred Rogers
PUBLISHER: Penguin Books
ISBN: 9780140235142

Copyright © Family Communications, Inc. 1994

[Revised edition slightly retitled and updated]


WRITTEN BY: Fred Rogers
PUBLISHER: Viking Penguin
ISBN: 0670854123

Copyright © Family Communications, Inc. 1994
Jacket photograph by Walt Seng


The ideas in this collection have come from things that I have learned and thought for a long time. They come, too, from many people whom I have met along the way. I've been fortunate to have had some extraordinary teachers who have given me some powerful words that helped me learn about life and about children.

I have always given a great deal of thought to how I present ideas during our television visits, and I'm always fascinated to hear how people have used what we have said. Often they've used these ideas in creative, productive ways I had never dreamed they could be used.

So may it be with the words in this book. Once you've read them and made them your own, may they find their place in the innermost part of you -- in that essential part of you that inspires you to be who you really are.

- Fred Rogers


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