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Wishes Don't Make Things Come True (Book)

Date: 1987
Author: Fred Rogers
Illustrator: Pat Sustendal
Publisher: Random House / Family Communications
Series: A Story From Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
ISBN: 0394887808
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Copyright © 1987 Family Communications, Inc.

Date: 1987
Author: Fred Rogers
Illustrator: Pat Sustendal
Publisher: Random House
Format: Cassette/Book
Series: Book & Cassette Library
ISBN: 0394892801
Purchase: Amazon (Audio Cassette)


Copyright © 1987 Family Communications, Inc.


It's a windy day in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe and Grandpere is excited about the arrival of his granddaughter Collette. 

News of her visit spreads across the Neighborhood and everyone is looking foward to seeing the beautiful Collette -- everyone except Henrietta Pussycat. A bit jealous of the attention Collette is receiving, Henrietta wishes she could be fancy, too. Putting on her nicest clothes and jewelry, Henrietta's new look is immediately noticed by X and Daniel. This leads Henrietta to believe that her wish did come true.

On her way to the castle to await the arrival of Collette, Henrietta comes upon a welcome sign and a picture of Grandpere's granddaughter. Already feeling less confident after having her hair and outfit messed up by the wind, Henrietta wishes that the picture of Collette would just fall down. Just then, a gust of wind knocked the picture to the ground. A startled Henrietta again believes that her wishes have come true and she runs away upset by her actions.

Meanwhile, Collette arrives and asks to throw a party for the Neighborhood as a way for her to meet everyone. As Daniel delivers party hats to all of the neighbors, he comes upon a very distraught Henrietta Pussycat. 

After Daniel convinces her that wishes cannot make things come true, Grandpere arrives and invites Henrietta to be the one at the party to introduce all of the neighbors. 

Seeing that she is truly important to her friends, Henrietta accepts the invitation and goes to the party where everyone is waiting to celebrate.


The basis of this book is the Neighborhood of Make-Believe storyline from Episodes 1176-1180.

Appearing In This Book

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