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A Secretly Handicapped Man


WRITTEN BY: Norbert Nathanson
PUBLISHER: North Wind Publishing
ISBN: 9780989568913

Copyright © 2013 by Norbert Nathanson


After more than 30 years of weathering stares and severe public and professional stigma, growing up in the working class of Depression Era Pittsburgh, and trying desperately to enter the new burgeoning field of television, Norbert Nathanson experienced a miracle. Born without feet and with only one hand, new advances in medical science provided artificial legs which gave him a normal height, a natural appearance and gait, and permitted him to enjoy a previously unknown, life-altering public anonymity. Being out of the spotlight of public stigma brought him peace. He never shared his story, and he held his secrets fiercely. He has never seen himself as being different, nor defined himself in dramatic terms. Driven to exceed his circumstances, Nathanson is an educator and exceutive and has talents in many fields. He has formed his own reality, and not only is his survival is a triumph but his life is a victory.


  • Mr. Nathanson served as the volunteer art director during the earliest days of WQED and provided many illustrations for the station as well as The Children's Corner.

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