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Josephine the Short-Neck Giraffe (Book)

Date: 2006
Author: Fred Rogers
Designer: Frank Dastolfo and John Howard
Adapted By: Barry Head
Publisher: Family Communications, Inc.
ISBN: 089079250X


Copyright © 2006 Family Communications, Inc.


Josephine the Short-Neck Giraffe is the story of Josephine -- a giraffe with a short neck who wishes she had a long neck like other giraffes. Through her friendship with Hazel the Elephant and J.R. the giraffe, Josephine comes to understand that being unique is what makes her special.



Similar in plot to the week of episodes and LP featuring Josephine, this story is a much simpler version of the tale about the insecure giraffe with the short neck. The major difference is that only three characters are mentioned in this book version: Josephine, her friend Hazel the Elephant, and J.R. the giraffe.

A digital version of this book can be found among the extra features on the 2005 A Day at the Circus DVD.

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