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Good Weather or Not


WRITTEN BY: Fred Rogers with Hedda Bluestone Sharapan
PUBLISHER: Family Communications, Inc.

© 1990, 2005 Family Communications, Inc.


Good Weather or Not is the story of a boy dealing with his feelings of sadness, anger, and worry. In the story, he visits the home of his friend, Jimmy Parker, and has to wait while Jimmy cleans his room. As the boy waits, Jimmy's father asks him about his day. Unsure that he wants to talk about his true feelings, the boy starts to draw a picture of the rain falling outside.

Through his drawing, the boy and Mr. Parker are able to talk about feelings and how they can be just like the weather. Gloomy rain can be sad, storms can be angry, and clouds can cause worry and doubt.

By talking about these things with Mr. Parker, the boy realizes that "it's okay to have lots of feelings."

In typical Mister Rogers fashion, no subject is off limits as this book mentions many situations that can stir up scary feelings in children -- being left out, fighting parents, and being teased. Still, the book ends with a positive reminder: "I guess the sunshine is always somewhere, even when we can't see it. And I can be 'okay,' in good weather or not."


Executive Producer: Fred Rogers
Project Director: Sam Newbury
Psychological Consultant for Family Communications: Albert V. Corrado M.D.
Design: Landesberg Design
Illustrator: James Mellet
Executive Director: Mel Haber
Project Director: Janet McNicholas
Project Assistant: Arlene Shanks

This book is part of a project produced in conjunction with Turtle Creek Valley MH/MR, Inc. which also includes a video tape and a resource manual.

Funding for this project has been provided by the Vira I. Heinz Endowment. Based in Pittsburgh, the Endowment reflects Vira I. Heinz's lifelong giving in support of people in need, people in distress and those whose talents and insights enrich all of our lives.

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