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Danny's Song


WRITTEN BY: Betsy P. Nadas
DESIGNER: Frank Dastolfo and William Panos
PUBLISHED: 1979 (second printing)
SERIES: I Can, I Am, I Will
ISBN: 0833100343

From the Producers of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
Copyright © 1975 Family Communications Inc.


Danny's Song is the story of Danny -- a boy who uses crutches and braces to help him walk. When it snows outside, his brother and sister do not wait for him and rush outside.

Feeling left out, Danny hides in a closet. When his siblings return, they notice he is missing and begin talking about the many things that he does well. Still in the closet, Danny makes up a song about his many talents.

When he finally emerges, Danny goes to the piano to work on his song before enjoying some hot cocoa with his siblings.


  • From the I Can, I Am, I Will series designed for young children with disabilities.
  • An audio version of this story was featured on Tape 13 from the I Can, I Am, I Will audio series.

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