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You're Special

Lyrics by Josie Carey | Music by Fred Rogers

You're an ice cream cone
You're a lollipop
You're a baby chick
You're a pogo stick
You're a magic trick
You're a spinning top
You're special

You're a cowboy's horse
You're a baseball bat
You're a bright blue sky
You're a fishing fly
You're an apple pie
You're a pussy cat
You're special

If someone asked me to relate
One reason you're so shiny
I'd really have to speculate
With eeny meeny miney

You're a dancing doll
You're a shooting star
You're the foamy sea
You're a honey bee
You're a Christmas tree
You're a steel guitar
You're special

If someone asked me to confide
One reason you're so shiny
The only way I could decide
With eeny meeny miney

You're a swimming pool
You're a lightning bug
You're a smash home run
You're a raisin bun
You're the noon day sun
You're a big bear hug
You're special


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