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The Wind Will Be Down By the Ocean / Hildegarde, Save Us / Why Should I Save Them?

I’m just back from the ocean
Where the waves are coming in fast.
The Banana Boat captain is asking
How long we think it will last.

We don’t know how long it will last,
But we do know that we announced it first!

Wrong! You know that’s wrong!

It was Hildegard Hummingbird,
Smallest of all,
Who told us this morning
In this very hall,
That a windstorm was coming
And we should beware.
But how did we treat her?
We sent her elsewhere.

So if you’re now listening,
Oh Hildegarde, brave,
Please know that we’re sorry
And come back and save
Your Bubbleland neighbors
From wind’s awful flight!
Yes, Hildegarde, save us
From our present plight.

(Repeat previous verse)

Why should I save them?
They sent me away.
Why should I save them?
What more can I say?
Please say that you’ll come back,
Oh, Hildegarde, do!
Please say that you’ll come back –
We’re counting on you!
A hummingbird cares about people and creatures
With fur and with wings.
A hummingbird cares about feelings,
But doesn’t care much about things.

The wind will be down by the ocean!
That’s where the wall ought to go.
Let’s bank on our strongest emotion
To help us beyond all our woe.

Let’s go!


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