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I'm Special

Lyrics by Josie Carey | Music by Fred Rogers

I'm a grapefruit great
I'm a rusty can
I'm a piece of wax
I'm a box of tacks
I'm a glass with cracks
I'm a frying pan
I'm special

I'm a leaky pipe
I'm a garlic bud
I'm a soggy match
I'm a burlap patch
I'm an itchy scratch
I'm a sea of mud
I'm special

I heel and toe it when I walk
My nose grows oh so charming
My friends all say I'm like a clock
Because I'm so alarming

I'm a case of mumps
I'm a crooked spoon
I'm a pile of rags
I'm a chair that sags
I'm paper bags
I'm a broken tooth
I'm special


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