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Episode 0056

Air Date: May 6, 1968
Previous Episode: 0055
Next Episode: 0057
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Mister Rogers arrives with a basket of vegetables given to him by Chef Brockett. In the kitchen, Mister Rogers shows various vegetables and talks about how "some are very fancy on the outside and some are very fancy on the inside." After Mister Rogers sings Everybody's Fancy, Chef Brockett stops by with a tray of cooked vegetables on his way to the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. In the kitchen, Mister Rogers helps as Chef Brockett makes a bowl of mashed potatoes.

In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, X the Owl is still dressed as Benjamin Franklin when Coach Saunders stops by the tree for some exercise. As Coach Saunders leaves, Chef Brockett arrives with his cooked vegetables. Since Benjamin Franklin was a vegetarian, X is happy to sample each of the foods.

Stopping at the castle, Chef Brockett shares some of the vegetables with Edgar Cooke.

Back at the house, Mister Rogers talks about how it is important to try different foods ("vegetables are for trying, not crying") as he sings more of Everybody's Fancy.


Coach Saunders and X the Owl exercise to the music of Everything Grows Together, Everybody's Fancy, and The Clown in Me.

A fun exchange between Coach Saunders, X, and Henrietta:

Coach Saunders: I have to get back to the high school now.
X the Owl: How high is your high school?
Coach Saunders: Well, it's four stories high.
Henrietta Pussycat: Meow, meow, tell stories, meow?
Coach Saunders: Oh, certainly, Henrietta. Learning is a lot of story telling.

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Produced by WQED - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for National Educational Television
Neighbors: Don Brockett, Willie Saunders
Producer: Fred Rogers
Director: David Fu-Ying Chen
Executive Producer: Paul K. Taff

Production funds for this series were provided by a grant from The Sears-Roebuck Foundation and a children's program fund established by N.E.T. affiliated stations.

© 1968 National Educational Television and Radio Center

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