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Episode 0019

Air Date: March 14, 1968
Previous Episode: 0018
Next Episode: 0020
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Mister Rogers arrives with a toy raft made by a young friend out of drinking straws. Putting on a sailing jacket, he takes the raft to a tub of water in the kitchen. Using a battery powered fan, Mister Rogers is able to move the raft in the water before adding a toy sailboat and other toys to the fun.

Scientist Alder stops by with an anemometer which he is using to check wind velocities around the Neighborhood on behalf of Donkey Hodie.

In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Scientist Alder continues checking wind speeds to help Donkey Hodie as he looks for an ideal place to build a windmill. After checking wind speeds throughout the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Scientist Alder determines that the best location for a windmill is behind the castle. Unfortunately, King Friday says that he likes his privacy and there is no royal land available.

Back at the house, Mister Rogers demonstrates an electric fan and suggests that there are some things that only grown-ups are allowed to use. After singing Parents Were Little Once Too, he concludes by demonstrating different kinds of fans.


Attempting to make a dock out of two pieces of styrofoam, Mister Rogers accidentally breaks one of the pieces but uses it anyway.

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Episode Credits

Produced by WQED - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for National Educational Television
Neighbors: Bud Alder
Producer: Fred Rogers
Director: David Fu-Ying Chen
Executive Producer: Paul K. Taff

Production funds for this series were provided by a grant from The Sears-Roebuck Foundation and a children's program fund established by N.E.T. affiliated stations.

© 1968 National Educational Television and Radio Center

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