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Betty Aberlin (Character)

First MRN Appearance: 1080
Last MRN Appearance: 1600
Performed By: Betty Aberlin

Betty Aberlin is a longtime resident of the real Neighborhood. With a passion for the arts, Betty operates Betty's Little Theater which is located near Brockett's Bakery and Negri's Music Shop. At the theater, Betty hosts various musicians and performers. She even opened her stage to an extensive Neighborhood variety show.[1]

Outside her theater, Betty has hosted performers in her own home such as singer Mary Jo Barron.[2]

In addition to her work with performing artists, Betty has been known to help out at Brockett's Bakery[3] and also provide cave tours of the Neighborhood cavern.[4] She assisted Bob Trow in constructing the soda fountain at Brockett's Bakery[5] and worked as a server once it opened.[6]

Mister Rogers once joined Betty for a day at the circus where they shared the behind-the-scenes perspective of the circus performers before taking in the three-ring show.[7]




In early episodes of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, the line between the real neighborhood and the Neighborhood of Make-Believe was not as definite. Lady Aberlin often crossed back and forth between reality and make-believe. Episode 1066 is one of the first episodes where Mister Rogers refers to the character in the real neighborhood as "Betty." So from that point forward, for the sake of documentation on this site, "Lady Aberlin" refers to the character in Make-Believe and "Betty Aberlin" refers to the character in the real neighborhood.

In Episode 1083 and Episode 1219, Betty Aberlin appeared in a Funny Fast Film which showed her making a bed.

A childhood photo of Betty Aberlin is shared in Episode 1225.


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