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I just realized something while reading 1133.
We know 1131 was oviously shot before October 4, 1970 (since it has the NET building in the credits) and 1134 may've been shot around the same time, but 1133 (even though it has the tall brown/tan building) had to be shot even earlier than that.
In the description, Rogers says he made the clay "last week", which is obviously in reference to 1126-1130 (specifically 1128). But being the third season finale, that was likely shot some time before mid-late April, 1970 and 1133 is part of the fourth season premiere, which debuted nearly a year later and was shot after 1126-1130. No clay keeps that long over the course of several months! It would've rotted out by the time 1131 was shot!


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Re: 1131-1135
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He probably just made a new batch for the show while mentioning the batch last was made in the last group of shows for continuity purposes.  Production of the show wasn't linear (compared to the episode sequence), but it doesn't really make sense that the show would have been taped that far in advance, especially with the set changes and new producer/director.

I found this old article from right before season 4 debuted, which mentioned that he was taping segments piecemeal (partially to accomodate the others' schedules):,5064213


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Re: 1131-1135
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I agree, 1133 had to have been shot in October 1970, based on that article, and they created new clay.

But this does explain why in 1984, Work debuted in between 1125 and 1126, rather than in between seasons, since 1126-1130 and 1131-1135 had to air consecutively.