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« on: November 24, 2013, 10:40:54 PM »
We're all fans of the neighborhood. I'm sure you've all seen this.  It's not very recent.

But, as a major fan of Fred and the neighborhood, it's something I watch almost daily.  It came out many years after he died, so in a way, it's something spiritual to me.  Although a human being took pieces of audio and mixed it together, it's almost as if it's a message from beyond ... like a "hey, I'm here ... and I still love you" kind of thing.  

We know you're still there, Fred.  And we love you, too.  Immensely.  
...and thank you for reminding us you're technically still here with us.  The Amazon videos, the remix messages, the statues, the museum exhibits, and the consistent daily reminders of your initial existence on this earth ... the traffic lights, the aquariums, railroad tracks, delivery trucks, smiles, hugs, visits with talented musicians, bakers, friends, neighbors ...