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Exactly 30 years ago today, the legendary "Conflict" episodes premiered on PBS in 1983. It's the only post-75 that never aired on TV in the 2000's or is available on Amazon, as it was banned due to it's sensitive topic, focusing on war, bombings and airade shelters, ect. And interestingly, it marks the first appearance of Betty Okanak Templeton, whom would appear quite extensively throughout the show's run, even in the series finale.

One interesting thing about this week is that there's a continuity error in the NOM story. In the following week (Work, 1526-1530), we learn that the neighbors have a surplus of $ 3, 000 left over from the kingdom that past year. But just a few months earlier, they lost all their money went they spent it all on those "bomb" parts from Corney's factory ( has pointed this out; they even mention it's another reason they stopped airing this week). I guess since, between the time both weeks premiered there was a long pre-79 run (1446-1460, 1001-1030, 1066-1070 and 1076-1125), they thought kids wouldn't care about the issue, but strangely they almost always aired them in their proper position, making the NOM lose money, then magically regain $ 3, 000 (well, then again, anything can happen in Make-Believe). Also, King Friday says he doesn't believe in wars, but anyone who's seen 1-5 (where he's against Lady Elaine making changes to the neighborhood and tries to get a war going) and 1469 (where he nearly called for the "dinosaur" to be executed with a cannon and troops) would know that's a lie.

This is also one of the few weeks that showed some of Rogers' religious elements. When the closing credits to 1525 begin, there's an on-screen text of Isaiah 2:4 and in 1523, the Braille note that Gen. Brockett reads is the passage from The Little Prince.

And of course, it also has probably the only post-75 blooper reel anyone's ever seen. During the taping of the closing to 1524, Rogers and the crew all had a good laugh over assit. floor manager Jim Seech having switched their shoes before taping. "*cough* These aren't mine! Who's are these?!" That blooper can be seen in America's Favorite Neighbor.