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Sweater Color Overview
« on: November 05, 2013, 12:36:20 AM »
I wanted to wait until somebody said it was okay, but nobody ever answered and i couldn't wait any longer. Anyways, as you all know, Tim posted this back in May, 2011

It shows a chart of all the sweater colors Rogers wore in at least the 1979-2001 episodes. What i wanted to do was, in case anyone was interested, identify the colors of each sweater. You see, i'm an artist and i have a fascination for colors. I'm obviously not gonna go through all the sweaters i've seen him wear until Tim has covered more pre-79 episodes (so far, only the 1969 season is complete, so i'll hopefully get to that soon) and i'm obvious not gonna do any 1968 sweater colors and i don't have to explain why, it should be fairly obvious.

As i said before, i can't really do this with Betty Aberlin's dresses or anything like that because, i can see colors very well... but am poor at details, especially when she's wearing something that isn't solid or has flowers on it (i once mistakingly said that dress she wears in 1431, 1455 and 1456 had "giraffe-colored spots" on it).

I'll start with the 1979-2001 sweaters, since those are the ones we've all seen.


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Re: Sweater Color Overview
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2013, 01:11:58 AM »

1461- deep yellow
1462- sky blue
1463- red
1464- gray
1465- deep yellow

1466- gray
1467- deep yellow
1468- sky blue
(at first, he only wore the lab coat. It's only after he finishes with Make-Believe that he puts on a sweater)
1469- gray
1470- sky blue

1471- green
1472- gray
(and in this episode, he shows viewers a glimpse of the sweaters he had, which are red, deep yellow, sky blue and green)
1473- deep yellow
1474- sky blue
1475- sky blue

1476- deep yellow
1477- green
1478- gray
1479- green
1480- sky blue

1481- green
1482- deep yellow
1483- gray
1484- sky blue

1486- green
1487- gray
1488- sky blue
1489- sky blue
1490- green

1491- for the first time since 1456, brown
1492- green
1493- gray
1494- sky blue
1495- deep yellow

1496- green
1497- neon blue
1498- gray
1499- deep yellow
1500- sky blue (no, this is not the same sweater he wears in 1497; trust me, the last one was a lot brighter)

1501- sky blue
1502- green (but he wears the sky blue sweater again for the ER visit)
1503- light gray
1504- brown
1505- deep yellow

1506- green
1507- sky blue
1508- light gray
1509- deep yellow
1510- gray

1511- green
1512- deep yellow
1513- sky blue
1514- light gray
1515- gray

Daycare & Night Care:
1516- light gray
1517- green
1518- deep yellow
1519- sky blue
1520- light gray

1521- green
1522- sky blue
1523- gray
1524- deep yellow
1525- brown

1526- sky blue
1527- green
1528- brown
1529- light gray
1530- gray

1531- gray
1532- sky blue
1533- green
1534- sky blue

1536- green
1537- light gray
1538- brown
1539- green
1540- sky blue

No & Yes:
1541- light gray
1542- deep yellow (except for Dinosaurs & Monsters; this marks the last time he wore this sweater on the show)
1543- gray
1544- sky blue
1545- green

1546- gray
1547- green
1548- gray
1549- sky blue
1550- light gray

1551- light gray
1552- sky blue
1553- green
1554- gray
1555- sky blue

Making & Creating (NOTE: starting in 1986, he's strangely limited to only 3 colors):
1556- sky blue
1557- sky blue (not only that, but he wears one color three times in a row!)
1558- gray
1559- green
1560- gray

1561- gray
1562- sky blue
1563- green
1564- gray
1565- sky blue

1566- sky blue
1567- gray
1568- green
1569- sky blue (at least on MRN, this marks the last appearance of this color)
1570- green (unlike the last two weeks, notice it's green instead of gray that's worn twice)

Dance (now, starting with this week, he's not only no longer limited, but now has a few new colors):
1571- deep peach
1572- red (this is probably not the same red sweater he last wore in 1463; they're both the same shade, though)
1573- blue (not the same navy blue sweater he last wore in 1975; this is brighter)
1574- gray
1575- blue

Making Mistakes:
1576- green
1577- deep peach
1578- red
1579- blue
1580- green

Alike & Different:
1581- blue
1582- red
1583- blue
1584- gren
1585- deep peach

1586- blue
1587- a new one, deep green
1588- deep peach
1589- green
1590- red

Kindness & Unkindness:
1591- blue
1592- green
1593- dark red
1594- red
1595- blue

1596- blue
1597- deep peach
1598- dark red
1599- green
1600- red

Fun & Games:
1601- dark red (and strangely, after only 2 episodes, this one soon disappears)
1602- red
1603- blue
1604- blue
1605- green

Josephene The Short-Neck Giraffe:
1606- green
1607- red
1608- deep green (he strangely stopped wearing the other green sweater in 1606; you can tell these are two different colors)
1609- deep peach
1610- deep green

that's all for now.
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Re: Sweater Color Overview
« Reply #2 on: November 05, 2013, 01:42:22 AM »
Now for the rest. Here's what he wore in 1989-1996, including a few new colors:

When Parents Go To Work:
1611- deep green
1612- purple
1613- deep green
1614- red
1615- deep green
(he seems so fascinated with that deep green sweater. And this is the only post-75 MRN week he wore wore a sweater thrice on)

The Environment:
1616- blue
1617- deep green
1618- red
1619- purple
1620- deep green
(of course, naturally it makes sense to wear the deep green sweater twice on this week, since it deals with environmentalism and the color green plays a strong role in that)

Fathers & Music:
1621- purple
1622- deep green
1623- blue
1624- red
1625- deep green

Mouths & Feelings:
1626- blue
1627- red
1628- purple
1629- deep green
1630- red (now, at least temporarily, he puts the deep green one to rest)

1631- deep green
1632- purple
1633- blue
1634- deep green
1635- red (for the first time since 1975, he finally wears a sweater on a 35 episode)

Dress-Up (this, of course, is the rare week with the exotic, new, temporary colors and unusual design):
1636- dark gray
1637- midnight blue
1638- medium sky blue
1639- sisal
1640- midnight blue (strangely, even though these are new colors, like alot of previous weeks, he was limited to only four)

1641- red (and ironically, young Lawrence Martin was wearing the same color when he visted Fred!)
1642- blue
1643- deep green
1644- purple
1645- red

Imaginary Friends:
1646- red
1647- purple
1648- deep green
1649- blue
1650- red
(basically, there's a semi-pattern, here. He wears the red sweater on Monday and Friday and deep green on Wedsnday. Tuesday and Thursday's colors are switched)

1651- purple
1652- red
1653- blue
1654- deep green
1655- red

Up & Down:
1656- red
1657- purple
1658- deep green
1659- red
1660- blue

1661- deep green
1662- purple
1663- deep green
1664- red
1665- blue

Then & Now:
1666- purple
1667- red
1668- blue
1669- deep green
1670- red

Things To Wear:
1671- deep green
1672- blue
1673- red
1674- purple
1675- deep green

Going Away & Coming Back:
1676- blue
1677- deep green
1678- red
1679- purple
1680- deep green (again, we have a subverted pattern. Red on Wed., purple on Thur. and deep green on Fri. It's now the Mon. and Tue. colors that are switched)

Fast & Slow:
1681- red
1682- purple
1683- deep green
1684- red
1685- blue

Everybody's Special:
1686- deep green
1687- red
1688- purple
1689- blue
1690- red

Mad Feelings:
1691- deep green
1692- purple
1693- red
1694- blue
1695- red

1696- red (and when the episode was reshot in 2000, he remembered to wear this same color)
1697- deep green
1698- blue
1699- red
1700- purple

1701- purple
1702- blue
1703- deep green
1704- red
1705- purple

Brave & Strong:
1706- red
1707- deep green
1708- purple
1709- red
1710- blue


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Re: Sweater Color Overview
« Reply #3 on: November 05, 2013, 01:59:14 AM »
And finally, here's 1997-2001:

1711- blue
1712- purple
1713- red
1714- deep green
1715- red

Be Yourself: That's The Best:
1716- deep green
1717- purple
1718- deep green
1719- true blue (no, this is not the same blue sweater he's been wearing lately. We'll find out in the next week that they're two different colors)
1720- red

Giving & Recieving:
1721- purple
1723- red
1724- blue
1725- true blue (like the green sweaters in 1989, you can tell this is a different blue sweater in comparison)

You & I Together:
1726- purple
1727- true blue
1728- red
1729- deep green
1730- purple

Little & Big:
1731- true blue
1732- red
1733- deep green
1734- red
1735- purple

Noisy & Quiet:
1736- true blue
1737- red
1738- deep green
1739- purple
1740- deep green

Go Stop Go:
1741- purple
1742- vermilion
1743- deep green
1744- true blue
1745- red

When Things Get Broken:
1746- blue
1747- red
1748- purple
1749- vermilion
1750- deep green

1751- blue (not purple, as often mistaken.)
1752- deep green
1753- purple
1754- deep green
1755- red

Ready To Read?:
1756- deep green
1757- purple
1758- deep red
1759- violet
1760- deep green

and finally, the series finale, Celebrates The Arts:
1761- deep red
1762- deep green
1763- violet
1764- purple
1765- deep red.

What do you all think?


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Re: Sweater Color Overview
« Reply #4 on: November 07, 2013, 03:42:39 PM »
Some observations on the sweaters...

It's obvious that, starting with 1571, these are all-new sweaters.  My assumption is that the older ones -- as clothes tend to do -- wore out.
So, the red sweater that appears that week is NOT the same sweater from 1463.  So, 1463 was the ONLY modern-era episode where he wore that red sweater.

I'm not certain when Fred's mother passed away, but I think it's also safe to say that the new sweaters introduced in 1987 were not made by her.  They're a different pattern, etc.

I'm totally stumped as to why there were the larger-collared sweaters during the "Dress-Up" week and only during that week.

Was the (very) light blue sweater that was in 1497 the only time he wore this?  It's the only modern-era episode for sure....  but did he wear this at all in the pre-76 era?  1497 could very well be the only time it was worn.

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Re: Sweater Color Overview
« Reply #5 on: November 08, 2013, 09:56:54 AM »
Sadly, you maybe correct about there being two different red sweaters. I never always believed that theory. Naturally, i'm confused because they're both the same shade of red. But interestingly, red isn't the only color he had the same shade of color but not the same sweater of.

As you can see in these earlier episodes, he had a sky blue/white sweater, and that was obviously different than the sky blue sweater he wore in later episodes until 1986, but unlike 1638, they're the same shade of sky blue. And in 1094, he started wearing a green sweater with buttons on it, and even though it's clearly not the same green sweater he wore until 1989, they're both the same shade.


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Re: Sweater Color Overview
« Reply #6 on: November 08, 2013, 10:00:12 AM »
I could very well be wrong about this, but i keep thinking the topic of "Dress-Up" had some connection with why he had some new, unusual sweaters that week.

BTW, pretty soon, i'll see if i can do the 1969 season sweater color overview. It'll of course be rather short due to the lack of sweater usage on some episodes. I won't be doing the 1970 season until after Tim's got that week complete.


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Re: Sweater Color Overview
« Reply #7 on: November 08, 2013, 01:05:17 PM »
About those big collared Sweaters, I think they were made as more of a dressier type. And lets not forget, the last episode of that week showed how people make zipper sweaters, exactly like the kind Mister Rogers wore that week.
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Re: Sweater Color Overview
« Reply #8 on: November 09, 2013, 05:40:49 PM »
OK, here's the 1969 sweater color overview. Again, it'll be somewhat short, due to the lack of sweaters usage this season.

1001-1005 (departure of the Frogg family; first color week):
1001- sky blue/white (this, of course, was the early pre-79 era's form of sky blue. The regualr sky blue sweater, sans the white trim and made of a different kind of material won't be introduced until sometime in either 1971 or 1972, who knows)
1002- harvest gold
1004- light brown

1006-1010 (return of not-yet-Queen Sarah Saturday):
1006- gray (first appearance of a sweater we'll be seeing him wear innumerously until March, 1987)
1009- harvest gold
1010- red

1011-1015 (the royal wedding; this is the ONLY week in the whole season where he does actually wear a sweater on all five episodes):
1011- gray
1012- harvest gold
1013- light brown
1014- gray
1015- gray (he really likes that gray sweater. Not just to the point of wearing it in a number of future episodes, but even on the day of the king and queen's wedding AND after two episodes in a row will wear it on Monday of the next week, making it THREE times in a row!)

1016-1020 (the arrival of the Platypi; part one of the king and queen's three-week honeymoon):
1016- gray
1018- sky blue/white
1019- sky blue/white

1021-1025 (the arrival of the Magic Kite; part two of the honeymoon):
1021- harvest gold
1022- Vandyke brown/banana yellow (a new, but exclusive one)
1023- sky blue/white
1025- sky blue/white

1026-1030 (part three of the honeymoon and return of the king and queen; also departure of the Magic Kite):
1026- sky blue/white (in case you're wondering, no, this is episodically not three times in a row like 1014-1016; remember, he breaks in 1024, so it's not exactly a "row")
1027- gray
 (though at first, he kept his suit on for his visit with Mr. Wycliff. Back in these days, until some point in the early 70's or so, Rogers probably thought that it was uncasual to wear a sweater wherever he goes; and since apparently the sweaters are not yet his trademark wear and not too many households tuned into MRN just yet, he had to stick with the rules)
1030- harvest gold

1031-1035 (carnival in Make-Believe):
1031- gray
1032- gray
1035- harvest gold

1036-1040 (the magic bunny ears story; the first of the four "banned" pre-79 weeks):
1036- harvest gold
1037- harvest gold (now that's three times in a row!)
1038- sky blue/white
1039- gray

1041-1045 (Mabel Mercer visit; opening of a community center at Someplace Else):
1041- gray
1042- sky blue/white
(that's it for this week; for the first time, he's not only limited, but can't even wear one for more than two episodes. And this isn't the only time.)

1046-1050 (Chef Brockett's birthday):
1046- harvest gold
1047- harvest gold
1048- sky blue/white
(notice since 1023, he's been limited to only three colors, sky blue/white, gray and harvest gold. Also, interestingly, there's a subverted pattern here: the first three episodes' sweaters are exactly the same as in 1036-1038. The only major difference is he wears one in 1039, but not in 1049. And rather mysteriously, he won't wear a sweater for someone's birthday!)

1051-1055 (the Lost Teddy Bear & Whaling Ship opera week; and the second of the four banned weeks):
1051- gray
1053- sky blue/white
1054- sky blue/white
1055- sky blue/white
(amazingly, he not only wears the same sweater three times in a row, but unlike 1555-1557 and the previous two times he did this, it's all in one week!)

1056-1060 (the rocketship-launching week; and the third banned week):
1056- harvest gold
1057- harvest gold
1058- sky blue/white (again, notice the pattern is the same as 1036-1038 and 1046-1048)
1060- harvest gold

1061-1065 (Van Cliburn, Mabel Mercer and Vija Vetra visits; and probably most sweaterless MRN week ever):
1062- sky blue/white

That's all. Now whatdyu all think?


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Re: Sweater Color Overview
« Reply #9 on: November 20, 2013, 06:33:35 PM »

Fast & Slow:
1681- red
1682- purple
1683- deep green
1684- red
1685- blue

Something interesting i just noticed. This is the exact same pattern he wore in Up & Down!


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Re: Sweater Color Overview
« Reply #10 on: November 27, 2013, 12:07:30 AM »
OK, now it's time for the 1970 season's sweater color overview, but before that gets underway, two things:

First off, since 1456-1460 technically counts as one season and all five episodes have been covered, i must go ahead and mention it as well:

1456-1460 (the festival of remembrance week and the [pre-79] series finale; this being a much later week, he actually wears a sweater on all five episodes):
1456- brown (he won't wear this color again for 6 years)
1457- gray
1458- sky blue
1459- green
1460- red (interestingly, both eras' series finales ended with a red sweater!)

And also, a request from a reader and friend/neighbor of mine; even though he doesn't wear a sweater in 1034, he does wear a colorful parade jacket, so it's only fair that i mention what color scheme that was for anyone who's curious. It's:

1034- dark blue and satin sheen gold.


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Re: Sweater Color Overview
« Reply #11 on: November 27, 2013, 05:02:55 AM »
1970 season:

1066-1070 (the NOM models week; also the first week when the real and make-believe neighborhoods become two seperate worlds):
1066- gray
1067- neon yellow (a new one)
1068- harvest gold
1069- gray
1070- neon yellow
(unlike the previous season, he's now a bit less-limited and has a few more new colors to add to the collection, not they're gonna last a while, let alone one season. Also, interesting that the 1969 season finale has just one sweater on the whole week while the 1970 season premiere has sweaters on all five episodes!)

1071-1075 (the pie restaraunt story, debut of Bob Dog and fourth of the banned weeks):
1071- neon yellow
1072- sky blue/white
(like 1041-1045, that's it)

1076-1080 (when Queen Sarah goes on a vacation to Westwood):
1076- harvest gold
1077- neon yellow
1078- neon yellow
1079- sky blue/white
1080- neon yellow

1081-1085 (the royal "secret"):
1082- sky blue/white
(why he doesn't wear a sweater on 1081 i have absolutely no idea; i'm guessing, since he went to visit some construction workers, the same reason as 1027, but why he didn't change into his sweater when he got back i dunno)
1083- neon yellow
1084- crimson
1085- midnight blue/bisque

1086-1090 (the revealed secret of the upcoming prince and departure of the Clemmons):
1086- crimson
1087- sky blue/white
1088- neon yellow
1089- crimson
1090- neon yellow (but he then changes back into his suit for the party)

1091-1095 (debut of Negri's Music Shop):
1091- neon yellow
1092- sky blue/white
1093- pink-orange
1094- green
(NOTE: although it's the same shade of green, this is NOT the same green sweater he wore until 1989. The difference? This one has buttons)
1095- neon yellow

1096-1100 (news about the upcoming baby platypus):
1097- green
1099- neon yellow
1100- neon yellow

1101-1105 (the death of the goldfish and birth of Ana "Ornithrinchus Anatinus" Platypus):
1101- sky blue/white
1102- neon yellow
1104- gray

1106-1110 (the Let The Vet Get The Pet play):
1106- green
1107- neon yellow
1108- green
1109- gray

1111-1115 (news of the upcoming prince and departure of Mr. Anybody):
1112- crimson
1113- sky blue/white
1114- crimson
1115- neon yellow (and interestingly, that's the same color sweater John was wearing!)

1116-1120 (the birth of Prince Tuesday and the Raccoon Family ballet):
1117- harvest gold
1120- neon yellow
(again, he's limited to just two, strangely. But unlike 1041-1045 and 1071-1075, the episodes wear he doesn't and does wear a sweater are spread out to avoid three sweaterless episodes in a row)

1121-1125 (Prince Tusday's one-week birthday party and the Pineapples & Tomatoes opera):
1121- neon yellow
1122- neon yellow (the same color three times in a row! But of course, with School airing between these two weeks in August, 1986, that averts the list)
1123- sky blue/white
1124- sky blue/white
1125- green

1126-1130 (Captain Kangaroo and Ethel Winters visits, debut of Cousin Mary Owl and the final NET/"Misterogers' Neighborhood" week):
1126- sky blue/white
1127- neon yellow
1129- sky blue/white
1130- neon yellow
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Re: Sweater Color Overview
« Reply #12 on: December 15, 2013, 11:08:28 PM »
Unfortunately, me and my family will be moving fairly soon, so i won't have enough time to post much on this board for a few weeks, but on the bright side, the 1971 season won't be ready until a few months later anyway, so hopefully i'll be well-settled by the time this season is covered.

Anyways, i'd like to make a few more comments on this overview before i leave it to everyone else:

First off, it's interesting that Rogers waits 'til later to put on a sweater when he visits glassworker Jan Zandhuis in Show 109, but does wear a sweater when he goes to visit him in Show 1127. Of course, since 109 is a B&W episode, i can't tell what color he wears in that episode one way or the other.

Also, as i said earlier, not only is 1076-1125 a long story arc, but he wears the neon yellow sweater three times in a row in 1120-1122, which makes the School interuption in August 1986 very out of place. He does wear a yellow sweater in 1461 and 1465, but they aren't the same shade (he didn't even wear that color until some time in the 1973 or 1974 season), and he wears three completely different colors in between, so it's definately not three times in a row. Since i do love the post-75 episodes as well as pre-79s, it usually hurts to use the words "interuption" or "break" when talking about the scedueling they had, but in this case, the term does seem quite appropriate (it'd also be the same if it was a random pre-79 run; i wouldn't be surprised if he wore the teal-ish deep green sweater in 1444 and 1445 but not in 1286-1290/1296-1300 and he of course doesn't in any of Celebrations nor 1447-1450).

Also, you may notice that in 1126-1130, he has a pattern; he repeated sky blue/white and neon yellow in 1126/1129 and 1127/1130. Similarly, he also does one in 1066-1070 with the gray and neon yellow sweaters in 1066/1069 and 1067/1070. The only major difference is that in 1128 he doesn't wear a sweater (apparently because he was making and working with modeling dough, never mind the fact he could put the apron on over his sweater like he did 5 years later in 1408 and 1451) and in 1068 he does wear a sweater, the harvest gold one to be exact (and interestingly, while he wore that color heavily in the previous season, he only wore it three times in this season).

And finally: i always wondered why he repeated a pattern in 1036-1038, 1046-1048 and 1056-1058. It's like he's doing it for whenever an episode number ends with 6-8. For that matter, why 1046-1050 completely subverts it, with no sweaters on 1049 nor 1050 (and even crazier, 1050 is a birthday episode, so it's very weird for him to not wear a sweater that day). Interestingly, he does wear a sweater in 1039 and 1060 and the two weeks he does are banned weeks. Strangely, he doesn't do that in 1006-1008, 1016-1018 nor 1026-1028. And interestingly, he wears a sky blue sweater (albeit two different ones) on two 58 episodes, 1058 and 1458, but doesn't in 1558, 1658 nor 1758 (he didn't even still wear the sky blue sweater in the latter two; he hasn't worn it since the Playthings week).

I'm done.


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Re: Sweater Color Overview
« Reply #13 on: March 15, 2015, 11:10:46 PM »
The color sweater on ep. 1763 was blue, not violet. How can these two colors even be confused? They're not even close to matching.