Author Topic: 1997-2001 episodes (Michael Moricz era)  (Read 4143 times)


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1997-2001 episodes (Michael Moricz era)
« on: October 22, 2013, 09:50:29 PM »
Something i've been meaning to point out for a long time. I've not seen most of these episodes in a long while so i don't remember all of them, but there's something interesting that should be pointed out about the closing sequence. Of course, as you all know, the show did still occasionally use John Costa's music after his death in 1996. And this includes some of his outro music. Listen carefully to the closing credits on each episode. I dunno about the music in 1711, 1718, 1729 or 1730 (which sounds like they were played by Costa, but don't match any prior episodes), but here's a list of all the ones i remember:

1713- a hybrid of 1696 and 1684
1714- averted; one of two rare occassions where Moricz played the outro music
1715- a hybrid of 1685 and 1710
1716- 1702
1717- 1708
1719- 1701
1720- an extended version of 1683; they were strangely able to edit out Rogers talking over the first half of it to make it a Friday outro. Don't ask.
1721- 1684
1723- an edited version of 1696; they had to leave out a brief riff near the end, possibly due to timing.
1725- 1700
1726- 1709
1727- same as previous
1728- 1707
1731- 1710; adbridged to make it a Mon-Thur. outro
1733- 1685; adbridged to make it a Mon-Thur. outro
1739- same as 1733
1740- 1685 full
1741- 1702
1742- 1705; adbridged to make it a Mon-Thur. outro
1745- same as 1740
1748- same as 1731
1751- same as 1714, strangely they didn't use Costa's music and Michael played it
1755- 1710 full
1757- same as 1733
1758- same as 1742
1759- 1700; adbridged to make it a Mon-Thur. outro

That's all i can remember. If anyone else remembers some of the others, please say so. 1736 and 1743 both end with the same music from 1718 and 1729 and a lot of them end with the music from either 1711 or 1730. It's interesting how Michael Moricz actually got to play the outro solo on at least two episodes. What do you all think of this information?


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Re: 1997-2001 episodes (Michael Moricz era)
« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2013, 09:56:29 PM »
Also, interestingly all of the outros from John Costa came from episodes from no earlier then 1995 or 1996, for some odd reason. I wonder why they couldn't use any outro music from any older episodes, especially since they were some of his greater outros?


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Re: 1997-2001 episodes (Michael Moricz era)
« Reply #2 on: October 23, 2013, 03:43:07 AM »
Something I have wondered if Fred himself ever played any background music when Costa was sick and or passed away.


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Re: 1997-2001 episodes (Michael Moricz era)
« Reply #3 on: November 26, 2013, 06:09:25 AM »
BTW, while we're on the topic of post-96 episodes, there's something i've been curious about for a long time. And apparently, i think only someone who's either watched MRN regularly in 1993-1999, an old-school PBS Kids fan or a logo expert may have to answer this.

Correct me if i'm wrong, but wasn't Sharing the first week to use the updated version of the PBS Kids "P-Pals" ident? Or was it Brave & Strong? Prior to 1996 they had this classic PBS Kids ID with these P-Pals and all singing and around late 1996 (about the time John Costa died), they revised it slightly by adding a medium blue balloon that said "e/i" (stands for "Educational/Instructional"), the ident itself not dying out until 1999. Assuming that Sharing indeed was the first to end with it, that means the first half of shows from John Costa's era (1666-1710) ended with the original and Michael's half (1711-1750; we know Curiosity was the first to end with the Dot/Dash ident) ended with the e/i version!

But there's something else i wonder: there are conflicting sources as to when the original version premiered. Some say it was in September, 1993, but that's highly unlikely because Then & Now premiered on August 30, not in September. I'm pretty sure the updated version however premiered in September, 1996 because i remember also hearing that it coincided with PBS's new "window sill" ident. That would've been about a month before Costa died, so maybe Sharing was the first week to end with it. And more interestingly, this means Conflict never reran with the updated version of the ident as well.


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Re: 1997-2001 episodes (Michael Moricz era)
« Reply #4 on: November 26, 2013, 01:51:51 PM »
The first PBS Kids logo was definitely in place by "Then & Now", and I wouldn't be too surprised if "Love" originally had it as well.   I know the first time I saw a MRN episode with that logo as a kid, it had a 1993 copyright date.    MRN was actually one of the last shows that I saw that logo on, and at the time,  reruns of older episodes still had the 1989 PBS logo at the end.   

I'm not really sure when it debuted, but I want to say it was earlier in 1993.   I know Sesame Street was also one of the last shows where I saw that logo.   That show had its 1993-94 season premiere in November, and I know based on a YouTube video that episodes from the latter part of the 1992-93 season still used the 1989 PBS logo, but I also know I've seen episodes with a 1993 copyright and the PBS Kids logo.    Also, I distinctly remember that the first time I saw the 1993 logo on any show was at the end of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?.    I know that show didn't air any new episodes between December 1992 and September 1993, but I'm thinking it was added to reruns at some point before that.