Author Topic: Anyone have any old betamax tapes or vhs tapes via off air MRN pre-79s?  (Read 2352 times)


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Hello, i was wondering if there are other people on this message board who may have some old betamax tapes or vhs of any pre-79 Mr. Rogers, whether its clips, incomplete or full eps i would be interested in
hearing. I still think tape trading with other people may be only way ever get episodes at this point. I have not had any luck finding people out there don't have specifically what i am looking for.

I can only trade for episodes for episodes i can't do it out of the goodness of my heart been burned to the
point finding it very difficult to trust people who claim to have a certain episodes send them stuff they
ignore you. Thats how badly i want some episodes take risks like that have not traded with anyone in
ages. I was praying and hoping more were coming to amazon in the form of digital downloads atleast.
There are no plans to do anymore, maybe someday but its hard to say. Those episodes are older than
heck, prefer to use 1979-2001 episodes since those are ones clear up with no issues.

Anyone have any old stuff let me know!



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Re: Anyone have any old betamax tapes or vhs tapes via off air MRN pre-79s?
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People could upload the episodes or content from on YouTube. Only trick is, it has to be hidden. The reason i prefer free downloads is because i have a program on my computer called Total Video Recorder that allows me to record my favorite music and save them as files and i love to hear when John Costa plays his jazzy piano music at the end of each episode and i'm working on a collection of the different variations he played. I always look forward to whatever outro he plays.

Personally, i'm interested in any pre-79 episodes or outros anyone has, but in particular, i'd be interested in the Pineapples & Tomatoes or Uncle Of The Monkey operas, 1366, 1111, 1295, 1445 or possibly 1331, 1334, 1345, 1357, 1255, 1400, 1405 or 1436. I'm actually currently on the virge of working on the 1979-1996 outros. I'm currently missing about 76 outros from that era and i still haven't found them yet. Luckily, i have several pre-79 outros in my collection. If anyone has the outro music to any of the When Parents Go To Work or other missing post-75s in HQ i'd be appreciated. I used to have all of them, but i thoughtlessly deleted them back when i thought they weren't important. BIG mistake.

Otherwise, i'd enjoy watching episodes. Me and my family love this show, especially my mom. I've always wanted to see 1366 episode-wise. It was an episode i wanted Tim to look into before he deicded to do everything chronologically. I find it more awesome-sounding than 1210.
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