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Maggie & The Beautiful Machine.
« on: August 23, 2012, 06:55:51 PM »
Don't know if anyone here has ever seen this.

It was an old excersise show which was produced by WGBH-Boston hosted by excercize fitness expet Maggie Lettvin.
Don't know anything about her or this series though I wrote to the station the show debuted in Oct. 1969 and they didn't say how many were produced. They also mentioned a later show she hosted called "Maggie's Physical Fitness Program."

It appears the follow 2 and 29 others were uploaded by her. In one of the episodes she says she's 42, which is hard to believe through she might look over 30.
I remember seeing probably ther 2nd series in the mid 70's when they would show adult programming in midday.

These episodes don't show it, but a couple of them have the PBS logo instead of the NET one which means they must have been reshown later on. Also it's interesting to see the 2nd one on videotape since it was done outdoors and it was probably more of a task to have taped this.
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