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Letter to Betty Aberlin (BKA)
« on: May 29, 2012, 11:46:26 AM »
I wrote this before on the board but haven't heard back. Betty, this is for you. I would really love it more than anything if you could answer this:

Dear Betty

I'd like to say that you are really great on the show, and you're a wonderful actress and singer. And for the record, I heard you live in New York City, as do I! One of my favorite things I have to say about you on the show is the way you portray your friendship with Daniel. Some of my favorite scenes with you and him include:

During the friendship picnic in 1509 (my absolute favorite of the episodes that aired after 1976), when you were supposed to come to the castle in two, and then you were supposed to come with Daniel but forgot him. However, you really make it up to him the next day when you have that day together in the rain, playing with the walkie talkie cans and telling knock knock jokes.

Your songs with him in 1519 and 1578, which in case you forgot are the song about God ("who made the rainbow and the sky") and the mistake song, where he sings "Sometimes I wonder if I'm a mistake" and you sing "I think you are just fine as you are", and then you sing it in unison. Do you remember those?

In episode 1548, during the week of the bass violin festival, the "lion and the mouse" type story, when you're venting to Uncle Friday about not playing the bass, under his orders, never expecting that he could help, and indeed he does by convincing him to tell you the truth. And it works! Do you remember that scene?

During the week 1626-1630 (Mouths & Feelings), when you put on that UR sticker inside the laughing box, and you turn into a tiger. And it turns out the reason why is because you wanted to be related to him, and he reminds you that you are already related by your hearts. I think that, if nothing else, was the sign that you and Daniel had a friendship that simply couldn't be matched. Do you agree?

I wish I could see older episodes so I could see more of your great performances. Eventually, I plan to go to the Elizabeth Nesbitt Room in Pittsburgh, where every single episode is housed. Betty and everyone else reading this, do you know about that place? Also, Betty, one thing I wish were around more in the later episodes is the little theatre, so you could have been seen as Betty Aberlin more. I remember it so well from when I was younger and watching the early episodes. And in fact do you realize that 1509, that episode I said is my favorite, is the only episodes from after 1976 to feature the little theatre?

Also, how do you feel being the only one to be in all the operas? Not even Reardon was, since remember, he wasn't in Josephine the Short-Neck Giraffe! I think my favorite opera is Windstorm in Bubbleland, and I'm sorry you didn't have a bigger role in that one. And my favorite opera where you have a leading role is 1425 Key to Otherland. I think you and Reardon were a great opera couple. It's sad to think that Key to Otherland was the last one where you actually played lovers. I wish that could have happened more in the later operas, since you two really were like a movie star couple. Although you and Chuck Aber had that feel too in the later operas.

Anyway, Betty, if you could write back to me, I would so greatly appreciate it, and I'd love to hear from all you others on what I had to say. As a huge fan of Fred and the show, I'll be posting a lot!

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