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Neighborhood Pre-79 Episodes
« on: May 31, 2012, 02:31:28 PM »
Dear Tim,

Have you try to inquire with The Fred Rogers Company. If they will consider allowing you to make the
Neighborhood Archive site video friendly possibly in the future? Ideally it would make alot of sense
to have the episodes available on this website. Alot of fans on here who are eagerly awaiting
for more pre-79 episodes to be available someplace online to watch!

50 more episodes were planning to be released on amazon last spring of 2011. It seems unforeseen
issues have taken place. A former cast member of MRN mention that they do not receive anytype of
royalties from any of the amazon sales. That the sales are not high enough for the old program
to ensure anymore future releases.

Everything is controlled by the company, they are preventing access to the library to the fans. Its
used for interest in researching, child development etc... They do not want people to make freely
with his songs. So if its not royalties to any of the actors, then what exactly is the real issue
that is preventing anymore releases? I can honestly say i would buy more videos if they did release


lef ;D