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Episode 1740 -Noisy and Quiet
« on: September 24, 2011, 03:07:31 PM »
Just letting you know that Bob Trow is just seen in a photo but not seen in this episode this one was dedicated to our colleague and friend Bob Trow deep affection and gratitude he died on November 2 1998 he was even talked about in the TV guide next to Shari Lewis who had died 4 months before trow in August 2 1998  they were the two favorites of mine that will be missed Harriett Elizabeth cow  Bog Dog Robert Troll and Lamb Chop even tho Lamb Chop never made it to make-believe will live on in the eyes of Children and Grown ups alike
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Re: Episode 1740 -Noisy and Quiet
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I'm pretty sure the parade music in this episode is the Tame Tiger March. (See Tomorrow on the Children's Corner...)

Also, the fish costume Lady Aberlin wears is the same one Chef Brockett wears in A Granddad for Daniel
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