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Episode 1734- Little and Big
« on: September 21, 2011, 09:52:18 AM »
So I notice that the neighborhood archive website is coming up on this weeks topic very soon and want to be able to make a note on this episode and that is when Mister McFeely leaves Mister Rogers wants to have make-believe so there is no trolley when passing those tracks and when he has set up the neighborhood make-believe models and put the clock on the table there is another knock on the door and when Mister Rogers goes to see who it is in passing the trolley is on the tracks and who comes by for a visit but Mrs. McFeely at the end of the visit Mr. McFeely comes back to help with the Dogs then Mister Rogers goes back to the make-believe models in passing the trolley is still on the track and when he puts the models away and goes to the piano the trolley  is not on the track in passing if it had been me I would have said hi to the big Trolley seven times in passing
hope there is a lot of info for all to read
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Re: Episode 1734- Little and Big
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Brilliant observation Lawrence! I never would have noticed that.

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Re: Episode 1734- Little and Big
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Brilliant indeed. I love this kind of stuff!