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Episode 1464
« on: September 02, 2011, 08:43:17 PM »
Just finished watching the School week of episodes with my soon-to-be preschooler.  In 1464, Mister Rogers shows lots of pictures of cast members, including Audrey Roth (of "Audrey Cleans Everything") and Elsie Neal.  1461-1465 are the first episodes of the "modern era."  Seems to me that the "Audrey Cleans Everything" theme disappeared in the modern episodes, along with Elsie Neal.  So I was surprised that Elsie's picture was shown, as I don't recall her ever showing up again in the series.  Just checked her name on Tim's cast listing, and I am correct, she doesn't appear in the modern episodes.

Also, note that there are lots of interesting camera angles on the model neighborhood during this week.  We get lots of side views of the buildings that we don't often see. 

I remember watching this week of episodes as a kid...PBS always ran this week near the start of school.  It was special to now watch the same episodes with my son.


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Re: Episode 1464
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2011, 04:44:37 PM »
So I was surprised that Elsie's picture was shown, as... she doesn't appear in the modern episodes.

My recorded VHS copy has the very start of this episode cut off. That is very interesting that she is shown. If you only saw the modern episodes, you'd missing so many awsome parts of MRN. Just think if we didn't have some of the original episodes availble now how many fun things we'd be missing. Then remember how many we don't have! I can't wait...