Author Topic: How can I get in touch with Family Communications to get a copy of this episode?  (Read 84 times)


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I have been desperately waiting for Episode 1035 to show up on the Website with the 5 episodes every other Monday. It’s the one where Fred has a helium tank and blows up the balloons. Apparently they’re still on the 1968 (black and white) this week, but in one of the episodes it shows Robert Troll’s first appearance which was apparently in Late March 1969 which is when the balloon episode aired. And that was in color.

Tried getting in contact with Family Communications months ago in February or March because that’s the one episode I’ve been waiting for in this rotten joke of a year and it would make me super ecstatic to have a copy of it. I don’t know where the screenshots of it came from. And I asked whoever uploaded them onto the Wiki and he can’t even get me a copy on DVD. Someone else even had the ENDING uploaded on YouTube.

Someone please direct me to the right place, how I can actually speak to somebody at FC. I’m borderline depressed right now and that’s just one thing that I want that will cheer me up.