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Clips on YouTube
« on: July 31, 2019, 10:13:43 PM »
I'm curious as to why some clips from MRN get blocked and some don't.

I have a channel devoted to my fascination with traffic signals. It's not monetized. I would never expect to make money from this odd-ball hobby. But, of course, I want to share clips of MRN that involve traffic signals. Currently, I have five videos that are viewable and marked with copyright claims, but are still viewable. However, one has a copyright claim and is blocked. If they're blocking one because of a copyright, shouldn't every clip on YouTube be blocked? Are there some clips they don't bother with? I don't know why five of the six clips are still on my channel.

Odd things is, the ones that are still visible are titled with "Mister Rogers" where the one that is blocked has "Mr. Rogers" in the title. I might reload it and change the name just to see what happens.

Any thoughts?