Author Topic: Favorite Piece of MRN Trivia?  (Read 716 times)

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Favorite Piece of MRN Trivia?
« on: July 22, 2019, 04:06:30 PM »
Hi, neighbors! I'm new to posting here and am taking the bold step of opening with a new topic. Tim has assembled a trove of MRN-related information here with, I hope, more still to come. In celebration of this impressive undertaking that means so much to many of us who grew up with the Neighborhood, I wonder if anyone can point to a favorite piece of trivia or special detail they learned through the Neighborhood Archive?

For me, one that stands out is that, according to the episode guide, the human-sized Lady Elaine in the dream sequence from Episode 1702 ("Helping" week) was portrayed by Matt Meko (aka Purple Panda in the later episodes). I well remember this episode from when I was little (giving away my age, or lack thereof)  and, believe it or not, I always used to wonder who could possibly have played that uncredited silent part. The sight of Lady Elaine dancing through the NOMB with a large vacuum sweeper is difficult to forget.  I'm so pleased that someone else was apparently attentive and curious enough to pursue that detail, and quite appreciative that the performer was able to confirm it via social media.

As of my latest info, Matt Meko now teaches yoga in Hawaii--yet another instance of the interesting and colorful people who gravitated towards Fred Rogers and vice versa.

The other reason I always remember this episode is because it coincided with the appearance of the Jabali Afrika music group at Negri's store. I found their instruments and rhythms fascinating as a child and, as an adult, have enjoyed rediscovering their music (look them up online!) with greater understanding.