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Is Grandpere on Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood supposed to be the same Grandpere from Mr. Rogers? The new Grandpere is supposed to be the father of Daniel Striped Tiger. On Mr. Rogers, Grandpere was not Daniel's father and he was not his grandfather. If it's supposed to be the same Grandpere, this would seem like historic revisionism unless somehow it's determined that the truth was hidden and Daniel didn't know his real father, therefore making him Collette's uncle, although I don't think Mr. Rogers would want to suggest incest since it was once suggested that Daniel would marry Collette.

It would be better if they made Grandpere the father of "Mom Tiger". That way it would be possible to say that she was the daughter of Grandpere from Mr. Rogers but never seen on the show. Also, they could have made Colette be "Mom Tiger", making Grandpere the great grandfather.

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