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Episode 1330 closing with post-credits segment
« on: March 21, 2018, 08:46:57 PM »
RetroJunk has quite a few opening and closing clips from MRN over the years.   One that especially caught my eye was an unusual one for episode 1330 from 1974 (featuring Ezra Jack Keats), which I presume is from a pre-1976 print.

First, after the copyright notice at the end of the credits, we see a notice over a plain black background saying "Supplementary funds for this series have been provided by the U.S. Office of Education" in the same font as the closing credits at the time.  THEN, we get a one-minute segment with Mister Rogers talking about the ways "big people" have to take care of babies, and the ways that you can take care of yourself, ending with a few sung lines from "I'm Proud of You".  After that, the 1971 PBS logo plays to end the program.

The Office of Education notice answers my question as to how this funding credit was presented prior to the post-1976 trolley closing era.  As you may know, that credit was only featured in the trolley cards on 1973-74 Friday episodes, and was included in the regular credit sequence for 1975-76 Friday episodes.   I'm still wondering if this was specifically added for 1975 reruns, considering that the 1973-74 seasons were the ones rerun during the 1975 season.

As for the extra one-minute segment, I wonder how common these were back in the day, and how many were made.   Were they used on all Friday episodes (or even Mon-Thur episodes) during specific years?   Would this have been in the original 1974 airing of this episode, or only added in the 1975 season?  Obviously it was omitted in post-1976 reruns, as the Neighborhood Archive print has the trolley card and makes no mention of this.   But the RetroJunk clip looks cleaner than the Archive images - is this how it aired on Twitch?
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